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Reservation Types

ON SITE RESERVATION: All onsite reservations require a $10.00 U.S. cash deposit per bed. Please be here at least 15 minutes prior to your massage. You will lose your deposit if you wish to cancel within 4 hours of your massage. The deposit of one bed cannot be applied toward another massage in the event of a No-Show in the group. (Example: A $100.00 U.S. deposit on 10 massages = $10.00/bed. If one person in that party does not show up, the corresponding deposit will be lost). The balance on a deposit, must be paid separately. All deposits are remitted to accounting and are not at the Check-In counter. Onsite Reservations that are paid in full, cannot be canceled or changed unless this is done in writing, over 24 hours ahead of time. Please submit reservation modifications or cancelations to checkin@thesandbar.bar . All refunds are made via PayPal. On Site reservations that are paid in full, will be treated as an Online Reservation and will be subject to the same rule (24 Hr. modification).


ADVANCED RESERVATION: Online reservations are paid in full and are for future dates only- no same day Online Reservations. Cancelations or scheduling modifications can only be made up to 24 hours prior. After this time, there are no refunds.


PENCILED IN TIME SLOT REQUESTS: All Penciled in timeslot requests (limit of 4 slots) that have been scheduled through WhatsApp, E-Mail, Yelp, Facebook or Phone, Etc., must be paid for, at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time. If you do not check in and pay for your time slot, it might be given to others that request it with money in hand. No future date timeslot requests by phone- only Same Day. l Please don’t call us and tell us you are running late.

Please address any questions, concerns, complaints or positive feedback to: