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Reservation AND Cancelation Policy

  • Our Online Reservation System, only works for next day reservations (NO same day bookings). Here, you can book individually or groups (www.thesandbar.bar).

  • NO refunds/cancellations/changes from our Online Reservation System and massage slots PAID in advance (Credit Card- ON Site), .

  • Reservations with a cash deposit cannot be changed or refund within of your reservation time.

  • Any claim for a refund must be submitted in writing to: suggestions@thesandbar.bar. Please accompany a screenshot of your receipt when making a refund claim. Telephone cancelations to The Sand Bar are not valid.

  • You can make same day reservations or future date reservations, by leaving a deposit. . We expect either $10 U.S. per time slot or the Peso equivalent. On a group reservation with deposits, the deposit of one timeslot that did not show up, cannot be applied toward another service within that group.

  • Those reservations with a cash deposit will be cancelled, and the deposit will be forfeited if the customer does not arrive 15 minutes prior to the requested time-slot.

  • All Reservation slips with a stapled deposit are consigned to the cash register and the balance must be paid separately.

  • We can set aside up to four timeslots if you contact us by phone, E-Mail, What’s App, Facebook, Yelp, Etc. However, these are not secured reservations. If we pencil you in this way, we expect you to show up at The Sand Bar and pay the requested slots at least 30 minutes prior. This does not apply to the first slot of the day. Should you fail to pay for these slots within this time, they will be made available to those who want them. Please don’t contact us and tell us you are running late.

  • If you arrive to your paid reservation late, your time will be shorted if we have other reservations behind you.

  • If there is a No-Show within a group, a No-Show Slip will be filled and filed in the day’s Log Book.

  • Sometimes bad weather (high wind or rain) shuts us down for a day or two. If this happens and The Sand Bar downstairs is open, the manager will refund you your cash deposit. There is manager presence on site all the time.

  • Penciled in timeslots made by telephone, are only available for the same day.

  • You can set a same day or future timeslot aside by contacting us via What’s App at +526243589951 from 08:00 to 19:00 Hrs.

  • All requests to either cancel or reschedule a reservation must be sent in writing, via email, to checkin@thesandbar.bar